China: a macro history by Ray Huang

By Ray Huang

This brief background of China features a new preface, extra illustrations and a extra reader-friendly structure.

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A special museum is on the spot. , lived a communal life in a matriarchal order. They left potteries with decorative motifs, often in geometrical patterns, sometimes with a fish design. The smaller figures on them are perhaps numerals, or in some way identifiable with special groups of owners. The Banpo people were farmers; but they supplemented their agriculture with fishing and hunting, as their tools and storages indicate. D. (compared with the Stone Age a rather Page 4 recent date) a Tang emperor's beautiful concubine, Yang Guifei, is said to have bathed.

Foes of the past can now regard one another with not only sympathy but also admiration because they begin to see the long-term rationality of history, which has superseded revolutionary rhetoric of all kinds, and is by itself larger than the worlds of Mao and Chiang combined. It is in the same spirit that I, a non-Marxist historian and a naturalized citizen of the United States, can feel comfortable speaking before an assembly of scholars coming from all parts of China. For me there is no better assurance of a settlement than a rendezvous I had with former friends of my youthful years.

The Master was renowned as a sinophile. But this question of his was entirely objective. My work was to seek answers within the socioeconomic arena. " Only on each Saturday afternoon would he and I meet to talk things over, usually with a walk along the banks of the Cam River which rarely lasted for less than an hour and a half. The Master was a full head taller than I; yet he adjusted the pace of his long legs to suit mine. With endless curiosity and enthusiasm that was occasionally mixed with pedantry, he would stop here and there to admire the plants and flowers en route, caressing the petals and pronouncing their names in Latin.

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