Captain Blood (Classics of Naval Fiction) by Rafael Sabatini

By Rafael Sabatini

Peter Blood, a doctor and an English gentleman turns into a pirate after affliction a grave injustice. slightly escaping the gallows after his arrest for treating wounded rebels—who have been struggling with the oppressive King James—Blood is enslaved on a Barbados plantation. He escapes to Tortuga and turns into the chief of a colony of buccaneers.

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Bad cess to it now, it serves me right. It seems I know nothing at all of human nature. ” CHAPTER VI PLANS OF ESCAPE AFTER that Arabella Bishop went daily to the shed on the wharf with gifts of fruit, and later of money and of wearing apparel for the Spanish prisoners. But she contrived so to time her visits that Peter Blood never again met her there. That they all throve and returned to health under his care, whilst fully one third of the wounded in the care of Whacker and Bronson—the two other surgeons—died of their wounds, served to increase the reputation in which this rebel-convict stood in Bridgetown.

I am no fool, my dear doctor. ” “If you can tell me mine, you’ll persuade me of it,” said Mr. Blood. Whacker drew still closer to him as they stepped along the wharf. He lowered his voice to a still more confidential tone. His hard blue eyes peered up into the swart, sardonic face of his companion, who was a head taller than himself. “How often have I not seen you staring out over the sea, your soul in your eyes! Don’t I know what you are thinking? If you could escape from this hell of slavery, you could exercise the profession of which you are an ornament as a free man with pleasure and profit to yourself.

Your lordship sees me—an innocent man whose only offence is that I practiced charity—with a halter round my neck. Your lordship, being the justiciar, speaks with knowledge of what is to come to me. I, being a physician, may speak with knowledge of what is to come to your lordship. And I tell you that I would not now change places with you—that I would not exchange this halter that you fling about my neck for the stone that you carry in your body. ” The Lord Chief Justice sat stiffly upright, his face ashen, his lips twitching, and whilst you might have counted ten there was no sound in that CAPTAIN BLOOD 33 paralyzed court after Peter Blood had finished speaking.

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