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In contrast, the variable j2 denotes a “jagged” array, or an “array of arrays”. Specifically, j2 denotes an array of an array of int, or a single-dimensional array of type int[]. Each of these int[] variables can be initialized individually, and this allows the array to take on a jagged shape. The example gives each of the int[] arrays a different length. Specifically, the length of j2[0] is 3, the length of j2[1] is 6, and the length of j2[2] is 9. [Note: In C++, an array declared as int x[3][5][7] would be considered a three dimensional rectangular array, while in C#, the declaration int[][][] declares a jagged array type.

Int32. As a matter of style, use of the keyword is favored over use of the complete system type name. Predefined value types such as int are treated specially in a few ways but are for the most part treated exactly like other structs. Operator overloading enables developers to define new struct types that behave much like the predefined value types. For instance, a Digit struct can support the same mathematical 18 8 Language overview operations as the predefined integral types, and can define conversions between Digit and predefined types.

Even though constants are considered static members, a constant declaration neither requires nor allows the modifier static. B, respectively. 2 Fields A field is a member that represents a variable associated with an object or class. The example class Color { internal ushort redPart; internal ushort bluePart; internal ushort greenPart; public Color(ushort red, ushort blue, ushort green) { redPart = red; bluePart = blue; greenPart = green; } } public public public public static static static static Color Color Color Color Red = new Color(0xFF, 0, 0); Blue = new Color(0, 0xFF, 0); Green = new Color(0, 0, 0xFF); White = new Color(0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF); shows a Color class that has internal instance fields named redPart, bluePart, and greenPart, and static fields named Red, Blue, Green, and White The use of static fields in this manner is not ideal.

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