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My fourth ebook. It explains a few themes basically and choices up on information in tools and nomenclature that have been ignored of the others, making them complicated. The textual content, itself, is comparatively transparent, and there are reliable indexes and lists.
Still, the writer makes assumptions of the reader's familiarity with coding, leaves the occasional logical stretch to be discovered. The examples should not super person pleasant. it truly is thorough, might be an excessive amount of for a primary examine Hypertext Preprocessor.

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In the following example, the interface IComboBox inherits from both ITextBox and IListBox. interface IControl { void Paint(); } interface ITextBox: IControl { void SetText(string text); } interface IListBox: IControl { void SetItems(string[] items); } interface IComboBox: ITextBox, IListBox {} Classes and structs can implement multiple interfaces. In the following example, the class EditBox implements both IControl and IDataBound. } } When a class or struct implements a particular interface, instances of that class or struct can be implicitly converted to that interface type.

31 C# LANGUAGE SPECIFICATION This example attaches a HelpAttribute to the Widget class and another HelpAttribute to the Display method in the class. The public constructors of an attribute class control the information that must be provided when the attribute is attached to a program entity. Additional information can be provided by referencing public read-write properties of the attribute class (such as the reference to the Topic property previously). The following example shows how attribute information for a given program entity can be retrieved at runtime using reflection.

The value of a real literal of type float or double is determined by using the IEEE “round to nearest” mode. Note that in a real literal, decimal digits are always required after the decimal point. F is not. 4 Character literals A character literal represents a single character, and usually consists of a character in quotes, as in 'a'. character-literal: ' character ' character: single-character simple-escape-sequence hexadecimal-escape-sequence unicode-escape-sequence single-character: Any character except ' (U+0027), \ (U+005C), and new-line-character 42 Copyright  Microsoft Corporation 1999-2007.

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