Buddhist Manuscript Cultures: Knowledge, Ritual and Art by Stephen C. Berkwitz, Juliane Schober, Claudia Brown

By Stephen C. Berkwitz, Juliane Schober, Claudia Brown

Авторами рассматриваются вопросы формирования религиозных и культурных практик в до-современной Азии под влиянием литературных и художественных традиций, известных как буддистская материальная культура. В книге изучение буддистских текстов сосредоточено, скорее, на значении их материальных форм, чем на содержание их доктрин, и исследует, как и почему они были сделаны. Обобщённо, книга предлагает межкультурное и сравнительное изучение в понимании передачи буддистских знаний и использовании текстов и изображений, как ритуальных объектов, в художественных и эстетических традициях буддистских культур. Привлеченные социологические исследования из Индии, Гандхары, Шри-Ланки, Таиланда, Монголии, Китая и Непала, включенные в книгу, отражают диапазон интересов и ценностей, связанных с созданием и использованием текстов, и роль манускриптов и изображений в создании религиозного почитания в буддистских общинах.Образцы сканов:

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Here too, no doubt, their interment would have been motivated in part at least by the desire to produce merit by dedicating a dharma-relic. However, another motive, albeit perhaps a secondary and concomitant one, may have been a custom requiring the ritual disposal of worn or damaged copies of the buddhavacana. As has already been conceded, this hypothesis is based on comparative evidence, namely, the prevalence of similar rules or customs in other cultures of the ancient and modern world, rather than on any direct or explicit evidence from the Buddhist tradition itself, and for this reason this explanation must remain hypothetical.

A period, and the jar was then set inside a cubic container of limestone which was covered by two slabs of schist, one above the other. a. From Z. Tarzi and D. , Art et archéologie des monastères gréco-bouddhique du Nord-Ouest de l’Inde et de l” Asie centrale, Paris: De Boccard, 2005; p. 284, fig. 15. (Courtesy Z. ) 24 Richard Salomon In any case, it is highly likely that the pot that contained the British Library manuscripts was originally interred in a Gandh¯aran st¯upa-cum-monastery site in one or the other of the two types of situation described above.

These positions resonated well with contemporary interests in postmodern theory (Trachsler 2006: 20–1). Introduction: rethinking Buddhist manuscript cultures 13 Unlike Cerquiglini and the New Philologists, however, the authors in this volume do not seek to discredit and overturn traditional philological approaches to premodern manuscripts. There is much use to be found in both critical and diplomatic editions of Buddhist texts, and we dare say that we all greatly admire—and some of us engage in—the painstaking work of scholars who reconstruct, edit, and translate ancient Buddhist texts from manuscript sources that are between two thousand and two hundred or so years old.

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