Buddhist Mahayana Texts by E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

By E.B. Cowell, F. Max Muller, J. Takakusu

This can be a subset of the Sacred Books of the East sequence together with translations of the entire most vital works of the seven non-Christian religions that have exercised a profound effect at the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The works were translated by means of prime specialists of their box.

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But I read apâvri-. 2. Abhimukham. 3. Sc. the Yakshas. 4. '] BOOK VI 1. Then when the sun, the eye of the world, was just arisen, he, the noblest of men, beheld the hermitage of the son of Bhrigu, 2. Its deer all asleep in quiet trust, its birds tranquilly resting--seeing it he too became restful, and he felt as if his end was attained. 3. For the sake of ending his wonder and to show reverence for the penances observed, and as expressing his own conformity therewith [1], he alighted from the back of his horse.

62. ' 63. Even when the prince thus spoke to him, the charioteer did not turn the chariot back; but at his peremptorily reiterated command he retired to the forest Padmakhanda. [1. ] 64. There he beheld that lovely forest like Nandana itself, full of young trees in flower with intoxicated kokilas wandering joyously about, and with its bright lakes gay with lotuses and well-furnished with watering-places [1] 65. The king's son was perforce carried away to that wood filled with troops of beautiful women, just as if some devotee who had newly taken his vow were carried off, feeling weak to withstand temptation, to the palace of the monarch of Alakâ [2], gay with the dancing of the loveliest heavenly nymphs.

101. And the women, having worn their garlands and ornaments in vain, with their graceful arts and endearments all fruitless, concealing their love deep in their hearts [1], returned to the city with broken hopes. 102. Having thus seen the beauty [2] of the troop of women who had gone out to the city-garden, now withdrawn in the evening--the prince, pondering the transitoriness which envelopes all things, entered his dwelling. 103. Then the king, when he heard how his mind turned away from all objects of sense, could not lie down all that night, like an elephant with an arrow in its heart; but wearied in all sorts of consultation, he and his ministers could find no other means beside these despised pleasures to restrain his son's purpose.

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