Britain in the First Age of Party, 1689-1750: Essays by Clyve Jones

By Clyve Jones

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34 While the creation of the Bank of England and the National Debt made him rely less on day-to-day financial dependence on Parliament and in a number of important occasions he used the royal veto over parliamentary bills. Moreover, like the first two Georges, he was the head of another European state, with his own foreign policy, and he concluded treaties, the controversial Partition Treaties in particular, without the consent of Parliament. The other main achievement of the 1689 Convention was the passing of the Toleration Act, which did not grant Dissenters toleration as such but exempted them from the penalties of the Test Act.

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24 William's Declaration, which was widely distributed after the landing, specifically disclaimed any design on the Crown and this presumably explains why so many of the west country Tories who had joined 22 A. , Glasgow, 1951), I, 396-401; Shakerley MSS. (belonging to Canon Ian Dunlop): Sir Richard Myddelton to John Hopson, 15 Dec. 1688; G. H. , LV (1982), 148-53; D. H. , 1976), pp. 109-10, 118. 23 Cobbett, Pad. , VI, 847. 24 HP 1660-90, III, 185. Religion and Royal Succession 25 William, voted against the transfer of the Crown.

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