BMW K100 & K75 Owner Workshop Manual 83 - 87 (Haynes by Jeremy Churchill

By Jeremy Churchill

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Note that if the clearances required significant alteration, the throttle butterfly assembly synchronisation should be checked as described in Chapter 5. No te: Always reco rd the date and mileage of each check and all relevant information ie original clearance, original shim thickness, new shim thickness and final clearance. In this wayan extremely accurate picture can be obtained of the rate of wear of the valve gear, until it is almost possible to predict when a particular va lve will need adjusting.

If this is not done, the debris will enter the engine and can cause damage or rapid wear. Whether a cleaned or new plug is to be fitted, always check the electrode gap before it is installed. Use a spark plug adjusting tool or feeler gauges to measure the gap, and if adjustment is required , bend the outer, earth electrode only. Never bend the centre electrode or the porcelain insulator nose will be damaged . Before the plug is fitted , apply a fine coat of PBC or molybdenum disulphide grease to the threads.

This condition can also affect air pollution 40 6 Routine maintenance Renew the air filter element Note that in severe conditions the air filter element should be cleaned, blowing from the top surface downwards with a blast of com pressed air and removing any large particles of dirt w ith a soft-bristled brush, at the minor service Interval. At the major service interva l the element should be removed as described in Chapter 5 and discarded. Fit a new element. ensuring that it is seated correctly, as described, and secure the filter top half by spring ing the retaining clips into place.

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