Birds of West Virginia: A Falcon Field Guide by Todd Telander

By Todd Telander

Falcon box publications are full-color, visually attractive, on-the-go publications for selecting crops and animals and studying approximately nature.

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The voice is a distinctive series of very high-pitched, sputtering, zippy Psit notes. The illustration shows an adult. 5” Season: Year-round Habitat: Open, dry country with available perches, including branches, wires, and posts The solitary Loggerhead Shrike is raptorlike in its feeding habits. It captures large insects, small mammals, or birds and impales them on thorny barbs before tearing them apart to feed. It is a compact, large-headed bird with a short, thick, slightly hooked bill. Upperparts are gray; underparts are pale.

Indd 38 7/31/12 2:01 PM Chimney Swift, Chaetura pelagica Family Apodidae (Swifts) Size: 5” Season: Summer Habitat: Woods, scrub, swamps, urban areas Ruby-throated Hummingbird, hummingbirds The gregarious Chimney Swift is unrelated to the swallows but similar in shape. The body is like a fat torpedo, with a very short tail and long, pointed, bowed wings that bend close to the body. It is dark brown overall and slightly paler underneath and at the chin. Constantly on the wing, it catches insects in flight with quick wing beats and fast glides.

The illustration shows an adult male. 75” Season: Summer Habitat: Variety of habitat near water and perching sites SWALLOWS The Tree Swallow has a short, slightly notched tail, broadbased, triangular wings, and a thick neck. It has a high-contrast plumage pattern with dark metallic green-blue upperparts and crisp white underparts. In the perched bird, the primaries reach just past the tail tip. Juveniles show gray-brown below, with a subtle, darker breast band. Tree Swallows take insects on the wing but will also eat berries and fruits.

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