Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL web development by Michael Glass; et al

By Michael Glass; et al

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My fourth publication. It explains a few themes sincerely and alternatives up on info in tools and nomenclature which have been skipped over of the others, making them complicated. The textual content, itself, is comparatively transparent, and there are reliable indexes and lists.
Still, the writer makes assumptions of the reader's familiarity with coding, leaves the occasional logical stretch to be discovered. The examples aren't tremendous person pleasant. it's thorough, probably an excessive amount of for a primary examine personal home page.

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Php and you should see the screen shown in Figure 1-2. ini; it can be found in the root directory where you extracted your installation files. In Windows, this file was saved to c:\windows so Apache could find it. ini file includes a brief explanation of each of the configuration settings, which are beyond the scope of this discussion. ini file before you begin making changes. In the table that follows, we touch on some of the more commonly changed settings. Figure 1-2 14 Configuring Your Installation Setting What It Does short_open_tag Allows short tags to be parsed (

This will also help you write organized, efficient code, and the browser (and, more importantly, the viewer) won’t know the difference. PHP can also be written as a standalone program, with no HTML at all. This is helpful for storing your connection variables, redirecting your visitors to another page of your site, or performing other functions discussed in this book. The Rules of PHP Syntax One of the benefits of using PHP is that it is relatively simple and straightforward. As with any computer language, there is usually more than one way to perform the same function.

You can open this file with any common text editor, such as Notepad. types for specific file types. conf program so that Apache can properly parse PHP. In your script, locate the following lines: # # Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support # # To be able to use the functionality of a module which was built # have to place corresponding `LoadModule’ lines at this location # directives contained in it are actually available _before_ they # Statically compiled modules (those listed by `httpd -l’) do not # to be loaded here.

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