Basic Geometry of Voting by Donald G. Saari

By Donald G. Saari

A shock is how the complexities of balloting conception could be defined and resolved with the cozy geometry of our third-dimensional international. This publication is directed towards scholars and others wishing to benefit approximately vote casting, specialists will become aware of formerly unpublished effects. for instance, a brand new profile decomposition quick resolves centuries outdated controversies of Condorcet and Borda, demonstrates, that the ratings of pairwise and different equipment range simply because they depend on various info, casts sequence doubt at the reliability of a Condorcet winner as a typical for the sector, makes the well-known Arrow`s Theorem predictable, and simplifies the development of examples. The geometry unifies likely disparate themes as manipulation, monotonicity, or even the apportionment problems with the U.S. ultimate Court.

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Of course they do, and probably long before us academics! In fact, a case can be made demonstrating how this knowledge has served them well. ) Indeed, I suspect that some of the voting paradoxes discovered by academics are restatements of properties already being used to the advantage of clever politicians. Where can illustrating examples be found? Anywhere where smart politicians are in conflict with one another, or decisions have to be made. My favorite political dig, and the source of several of my examples, is the city of Chicago where politics has been elevated to a popular spectator sport.

A similar statement holds for any number of candidates. In general, two points define a line, three points define a two-dimensional plane, and k points define a k - 1 dimensional surface. Using the convex representation Eq. 2, if k of the six components of P E Si(6) are non-zero, then p belongs to a k - 1 dimensional boundary of Si(6). For example, the profile (~, 0, ~, ~, ~) is in the four-dimensional surface of Si(6) defined by the vertices E I , E 2 , E 4 , E 5 ,E6 , while (t,o,O,~,o,t) is relegated to the even more restrictive two-dimensional edge of Si(6) defined by the unanimity profiles E I , E4 and h E6· So, even though we cannot draw these surfaces, we do know some of their properties.

Show that the intersection of the binary regions Cl >- C2 and C2 >- C3 defines a unique ranking region. The flexibility admitted by one situation, but prohibited by the other, plays an important role in proving Arrow's Theorem in Sect. 4. 3. The geometry for other binary rankings uses objects other than the simplex Si(3). For instance, with the candidates Cl, C2 and the interval [-1,1]' let positive values represent Cl >- C2 while negative values represent C2 >- Cl. es, so we need three intervals to represent the different binary rankings.

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