Bardaisan of Edessa: A Reassessment of the Evidence and a by Ilaria Ramelli

By Ilaria Ramelli

This complete learn deals a serious, comparative research of the assets on hand on Bardaisan and a reinterpretation of his proposal. during this connection, particular awareness is paid to many parallels with Origen, to the prospective dating among Origen, Bardaisan, and their faculties, and to the results of the precious fragments preserved by way of Porphyry.

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F. Boll58 also studied the parallels between Philo’s De Providentia and Bardaiṣan’s argument in the Liber. ” Gregory’s Contra Fatum is edited in Gregorii Nysseni Opera, III / 2. 57 P. Wendland, Philos Schrift über die Vorsehung. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der nacharistotelischen Philosophie, Berlin 1892, in part. 27–33. 58 Studien über Claudius Ptolemäus. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der griechischen Philosophie und Astrologie, Leipzig 1894, Jahrbücher für classische Philologie Suppl. 21, 49–244.

1 attests a Domnos who was the bishop of Caesarea in Palestine at the time of the pupils of Origen (th~j d' e0pi\ Palaisti/nhj Kaisarei/aj, Qeokti/stou metalla&cantoj, diade/xetai th_n e0piskoph_n Do&mnoj). 18 Domnos is attested as the bishop of Antioch in the second half of the third century (Do&mnoj, w(j ei1rhtai, th_n leitourgi/an th~j kata_ 0Antio&xeian e0kklhsi/aj diede/cato). A Domnus is attested as the father of a sophist who lived under Constantine (Callinicus, Test. T1 Jacoby: 48 0Iouliano&j: Do&mnou, a)po_ Kaisarei/aj Kappadoki/aj, sofisth&j, su&gxronoj Kallini/kou tou~ sofistou~: gegonw_j e0pi\ Kwnstanti/nou tou~ basile/wj).

Since Bardaiṣan in his Domnus seems to have supported a similar view, it is probable that analogous consequences can be drawn concerning his anthropology and his eschatology. And indeed I shall argue that this is probably the case. I shall also show that accusations that were repeatedly leveled against him— often because of an undue association of him with Gnosticism— such as the denial of the resurrection or a docetic Christology, are probably unfounded. Bardaiṣan, I think, is likely to have entertained views that were closer to those of Origen than to those of the Gnostics, or even of the Manichaeans, who existed only after him.

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