Bakunin's Writings by Guy A. Aldred, Mikhail Bakunin

By Guy A. Aldred, Mikhail Bakunin

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Is it because the crimi June are bourgeois republicans of whom the above named writers have been, morally, more or less accom Accomplices in their principles and therefore plices? nals of indirectly accomplices to their acts. This reason is probable, but there is yet another which is certain. The crime of June struck workers only, revolutionary socialists, consequently strangers to the class and natural enemies of the principles all these honourable writers represent. The crime of December attacked and deported thousands of bourgeois that republicans, the social brothers of these honourable writers and their political co-religionists.

A passionate seeker for truth and just as strong lies, through which the an opponent of the corrupting party of order this representative of all religions, economical, and privileged, official, and interested philosophical, political, legal social outrage in the past and present love freedom has tried to keep the world in ignorance. with all my heart. ^ By freedom, however, I natur understand not its mere form, forced down as from above, measured and controlled by the state, this eternal lie which, in reality, is nothing but the privilege of the few ally founded upon the slavery of "individualistic," selfish, Nor do I mean that and mock freedom, which all.

We cannot be deceived any longer. [JWhom do we kings, the official find under God and the s banner? officious world; Emperors, our lords and our nobles; all the privileged persons of Europe whose names are recorded in the Almana de Gotha; all the guinea pigs 37 of the industrial, commercial and banking world; the patented professors of our universities; the civil service servants; the low and high police officers; the gendarmes; the gaolers; the headsmen or hangmen, not forgetting the priests, who are now the black police enslaving our souls to the State; the glorious generals, defenders of the public order; and lastly, the writers of the reptile Press.

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