Authority, Anxiety, and Canon: Essays in Vedic by Laurie L. Patton

By Laurie L. Patton

Authority, nervousness, and Canon elucidates a precept primary to Hinduism’s self-understanding--the Veda--while while analyzing the methodological problems with the function of canon in spiritual culture. Spanning the early classes of Indian non secular background as much as the 20th century, the ebook combines theoretical sophistication and designated scholarship to provide one of many first finished works on Vedic interpretation on account that Louis Renou’s Le Destin Du Veda.

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25. 6. page_57 Page 58 26. The expression traya veda appears less frequently than trayi * vidya*. 9-10,12, where the designation traya veda, "threefold Veda," is juxtaposed with the expression trayi* vidya*, "threefold knowledge" Cf. 2. 27. While the following discussion will focus primarily on the Brahmanas*, occasional reference will also be made to Aranyakas* such as the Jaiminiya* Upanisad* Brshmana* that expand upon the speculations of the Brahmanas*. 28. 3: "Having given his self (atman*) to the gods, he [Prajapati*] then brought forth that counterpart (pratima*) of himself which is the sacrifice (yajna*).

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