Arithmetic of Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Varieties by Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (auth.), Björn Poonen, Yuri

By Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (auth.), Björn Poonen, Yuri Tschinkel (eds.)

One of the nice successes of 20th century arithmetic has been the outstanding qualitative knowing of rational and necessary issues on curves, gleaned partially during the theorems of Mordell, Weil, Siegel, and Faltings. It has turn into transparent that the examine of rational and vital issues has deep connections to different branches of arithmetic: advanced algebraic geometry, Galois and étale cohomology, transcendence concept and diophantine approximation, harmonic research, automorphic varieties, and analytic quantity theory.

This textual content, which specializes in higher-dimensional forms, presents accurately such an interdisciplinary view of the topic. it's a digest of analysis and survey papers by way of major experts; the booklet files present wisdom in higher-dimensional mathematics and offers symptoms for destiny examine. it will likely be precious not just to practitioners within the box, yet to a large viewers of mathematicians and graduate scholars with an curiosity in mathematics geometry.

Contributors: Batyrev, V.V.; Broberg, N.; Colliot-Thélène, J-L.; Ellenberg, J.S.; Gille, P.; Graber, T.; Harari, D.; Harris, J.; Hassett, B.; Heath-Brown, R.; Mazur, B.; Peyre, E.; Poonen, B.; Popov, O.N.; Raskind, W.; Salberger, P.; Scharaschkin, V.; Shalika, J.; Starr, J.; Swinnerton-Dyer, P.; Takloo-Bighash, R.; Tschinkel, Y.: Voloch, J.F.; Wittenberg, O.

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In t he first inst ance, it would be wise to address t his problem und er rath er restrictive hypotheses about Pi c(V) , not least because the Br auer-Marrin obstruction to weak approximation occurs in th e conjectural formul a for A and therefore the problem is likely to be easier for families of V for which weak approximation holds. A one-sided estimat e for one such famil y is given in [41]. For Del Pezzo sur faces, the valu e of c for which N(H, U) '" AH(log H) C is defined by the geomet ry rather t ha n by the numb er theory, though that is not true of A.

A first coarse classification is given by th e Kodaira dimension K" which for surfaces can take th e values - 00,0, 1 or 2. Wh at also seems to be significant for th e number t heory (and cuts across this classification) is wheth er t he sur face is elliptic t hat is, whether over C t here is a map V -+ C for some cur ve C whose general fibre is a curve of genus 1. The case when t he ma p V -+ C is defined over t he ground field K and C has genus 0 is discu ssed in Section 6; in this case t he diophan tine problems for V are only of interest when C( K) is nonz ero , in which case C can be identified wit h p l .

9", and computable. In this result we take F = aOa l , C = c; we noted above th at deg(aoa l) is necessaril y even. 9"0 such t hat If> (uo, vo) = +1 for all If> which can be generated from (5) in t his way. This condition is computable, and it is un surprising (th ough not obvious) t hat it t urns out to be equivalent to th e Brau er-Manin condition for (5). If one assumes Schinzel's Hypothesis, thi s condition is also sufficient . For suppose th at uo,Vo have been so chosen th at th ere is only one good prime Po which divid es c(uo, vo); t hen th e produ ct in (7) redu ces to the left side of (6), and so (6) holds for t his prim e.

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