Applied Operations Research in Fishing by Leif K. Ervik, Sjur D. Flam, Trond E. Olsen (auth.),

By Leif K. Ervik, Sjur D. Flam, Trond E. Olsen (auth.), Professor K. Brian Haley (eds.)

Arnold Hansen Director Marine know-how Centre Trondheim Norway Norwegian fisheries are shortly dealing with critical difficulties, but additionally a few promising demanding situations. most crucial is the truth that approximately the entire significant fish­ shares were over-exploited, both by way of an total too huge fishing attempt or a too huge attempt on fallacious year-classes, leading to stock-sizes decreased good lower than an economically optimal point or maybe approximately depleted. The atlanto-scandic herrings, for example, has been less than an exploitable point for a number of years. The steered overall allowable seize of Norwegian-Arctic cod for 1980 is 390,000 plenty in comparison to greater than 800,000 lots many years in the past. The Norwegian business fisheries are this day in most cases in keeping with capelin. The Soviet Union has effectively claimed an elevated proportion of this source, leading to an as a result diminished capture quota for the Norwegian handbag seining fleet. because of this source state of affairs the surplus catching and processing means is excellent. protecting this extra ability ability excessive construction bills. either brief time period and long-term making plans for a greater capability adoption to the assets are helpful, as are technique of coverage to procure this objective. (In different phrases fishery administration is a neces­ sity. ) in general talking the fishing is power extensive. gasoline costs have elevated dramatically the final 12 months. additional raises might be anticipated as we steadily swap from the current politically dependent scenario of a non-realized extra crude oil construction potential right into a actual scarcity of oil fuels.

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Monitoring" relations of the system The notion of "monitoring" of the system deserves a certain attention. The present crisis in French fishing really seems to stem more from various conjunctural phenomena such as resource shortage (for biological or political reasons), the skyrocketing energy costs, etc. However, the deficiency of the information flow between the different agents in the fishing sector and the lack of forecasts appear to be other structural causes which have contributed to the present crisis.

R2 shows a significant improvement of fitting after the simple adJustment. Results obtained by discarding points 59-64 are given in Table 2C for comparison. (The Gulland (p-p) model is the Parsons and Parsons l calculation). Estimates obtained with q adjustment from Schaefer Model are remarkably close to those obtained from Gulland Model. However the estimates by discarding 59-64 data pOints of MSY and effort at MSY by Schaefer Model are quite different from those by Gulland Model. Criteria for selecting a reasonable set of estimates will be discussed later.

Bull. Inter-Amer. Trop. , 1 (1954) 25-56. A. Gulland, A note on the population dynamics of the redfish, with special reference to the problem of age determination. Spec. Publ. Int. Comm. Northw. Atlant. , 3 (1961) 254-257. E. Ricker, Computation and interpretation of biological statistics of fish populations, Bulletin 191, (Fisheries Research Board of Canada, 1975) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This research is supported by Fisheries and Oceans, Government of Canada. A. Akenhead and D. McKone of the St. John's Biological Station for their encouragement and fruitful discussions.

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