Application of Data Mining Techniques in the Analysis of by Nuno M.M. Ramos, João M.P.Q. Delgado, Ricardo M.S.F.

By Nuno M.M. Ramos, João M.P.Q. Delgado, Ricardo M.S.F. Almeida, Maria L. Simões, Sofia Manuel

The major good thing about the e-book is that it explores to be had methodologies for either carrying out in-situ measurements and thoroughly exploring the consequences, in accordance with a case learn that illustrates the advantages and problems of concurrent methodologies.

The case examine corresponds to a collection of 25 social housing dwellings the place an intensive in situ size crusade used to be performed. The dwellings can be found within the similar region of a urban. Measurements incorporated indoor temperature and relative humidity, with non-stop log in numerous rooms of every living, blower-door assessments and whole outdoors stipulations supplied via a close-by climate station.

The ebook features a number of clinical and engineering disciplines, resembling construction physics, chance and records and civil engineering. It offers a synthesis of the present nation of data for advantage of expert engineers and scientists.

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The cluster analysis was applied considering as variables components 1 and 2, area, number of occupants and airtightness. Ward’s method and average linkage were applied and the resulting dendograms were analysed. One important conclusion is that the interpretation of the cluster analysis results should be cautious since, depending on the vertical cut option, different clusters may be found. Initially, the statistical measures and graph illustrations allow us to analyze and interpret the data, as well as explain their variations.

3, respectively. These Figures show that the distributions of these variables are symmetrical. M. 2 Descriptive statistics Descriptive statistics Mean 95 % confidence interval for mean Lower bound Upper bound 5 % trimmed mean Median Variance Std. deviation Minimum Maximum Range Interquartile range Skewness Kurtosis Fig. 1 Statistical Analysis of Data 39 Fig. 2 Histogram and boxplot of indoor relative humidity Fig. 3 Histogram and boxplot of Rph50 temperature above the others, which indicates that it is a house with continuous heating.

If this curve shows a stabilization of eigenvalues, one can retain only the axes order with higher numbers that starts the stabilization (see Fig. 1). It may happen that there are poorly explained variables in retained axes that have high correlations with unselected axes, using the above criteria. In this case it is advisable to also retain these axes. The overlap of the projections of the two clouds in the same plane becomes more significant interpretation, since it take some Eigen value Fig. 3 Multivariate Data Techniques 23 Fig.

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