Anything for a Vote by Joseph Cummins

By Joseph Cummins

A historical past of Mud-Slinging, personality Assassination, And different Election innovations  Today’s political pundits convey surprise and unhappiness whilst applicants inn to adverse campaigning. yet background finds that smear campaigns are as American as apple pie. something for a Vote is an illustrated examine 200-plus years of soiled tips and undesirable habit in presidential elections, from George Washington to Barack Obama and John McCain. allow the name-calling commence!       •  1836: Congressman Davy Crockett accuses candidate Martin Van Buren of secretly wearing women’s garments: “He is laced up in corsets!”     •  1864: Presidential candidate George McClellan describes his opponent, Abraham Lincoln, as “nothing greater than a well-meaning baboon!”      •  1960: Former president Harry Truman advises electorate that “if you vote for Richard Nixon, you must visit hell!” Full of sleazy anecdotes from each presidential election in usa history, Anything for a Vote is a worthy reminder that background does repeat itself, that classes might be discovered from the prior (though and they aren’t), and that our most famed presidents aren't above reproach while it comes to the dirtiest online game of all—political campaigning.

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Somehow, one cannot picture opponent Andrew Jackson (who preferred beating up other people to beating up on himself) muttering away in like fashion. CLAY VS. ” JACKSON VS. CLAY When Adams announced shortly after the election that Henry Clay would be his secretary of state, Jackson told a friend: “So you see, the Judas of the West [Clay] has closed the contract and will receive the thirty pieces of silver. His end will be the same. ” THE DUEL The election of 1824 was so contentious that a duel resulted from it.

John Adams In 1792, things got just a little worse. Being the first president meant that Washington had a lot of ceremonial stuff to figure out, for example, what he should be called (“Mr. President” was finally settled on, although John Adams grumbled that the term president recalled such commoners as “presidents of fire companies and clubs”). But there was much more substantial fare on the presidential menu, including the ever-delicate matter of relations with Great Britain and how the administration was to react to the French Revolution (Washington was all for it, until the Terror brought up the fearful specter of mob rule).

In fact, the new president made a number of popular decisions during his first term—most notably the Louisiana Purchase, in which Jefferson doubled the size of the United States for a mere fifteen million bucks (amounting to roughly three cents an acre). S. president, Republican congressmen met and re-nominated Thomas Jefferson for president, naming New York Governor George Clinton as his veep candidate. The Federalists chose Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Adams’s 1800 running mate, as their candidate.

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