Ancient Israelite Literature in Its Cultural Context: A by John H. Walton

By John H. Walton

This distinctive e-book surveys in the numerous literary genres the parallels among the Bible and the literature of the traditional close to East. every one part starts with a survey of the on hand historical literature, keeps with a dialogue of the literature, and concludes with a dialogue of instances of alleged borrowing. The genres lined are - cosmology - legislation - ancient literature - knowledge literature - apocalyptic literature - own records and epics - covenants and treaties - hymns, prayers, and incantations - prophetic literature

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Structure of Primeval History In the work done by Isaac Kikawada and Arthur Quinn, the suggestion is made that the structure of Genesis 1-11 has a pattern that is also found in the Mesopotamian material. The overpopulation problem that is seen as a major motif of Atrahasis is paralleled in Genesis by genealogies. Kikawada presents the correlation as in the following chart. 75 ATRAHASIS GENESIS A. 1-351) Summary of work of gods Creation of man A. Creation (1:1-2:3) Summary of work of God Creation of man B.

9 10 2. Contractual agreement not to take other wives Biblical Reference: Genesis 31:50 Nuzi References: HSS V 67:17-18; G 51 Initial Form of Parallel. The insistence of Laban that Jacob not take any other wives besides his daughters is consistent with the concern expressed in the Nuzi marriage contracts, where the same practice is often forbidden. Criticism of Parallel.

Speiser to suggest that the Hurrians played a middleman role in the transfer of culture from Mesopota­ mia to Palestine. Speiser would suggest that the Hurrians, in borrowing the flood story from Mesopotamia at a fairly early date, would have made the change from Mount Nisir to the mountains of Ararat, which were in their area. The transfer to the Hebrews from the Hurrians would have needed no change. While Speiser's suggestions concerning the Hurrians have not gained wide acceptance in scholarship and are not being endorsed here, they do strongly prove that reconstructing the stream of tradition in our present state of knowledge can be haphazard or even foolhardy.

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