Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies - Post-Anarchism by Lewis Call, Erick Heroux, Saul Newman, Simon Choat, Thomas

By Lewis Call, Erick Heroux, Saul Newman, Simon Choat, Thomas Nail, Edward Avery-Natale, Alejandro de Acosta, Nathan Jun, Allan Antliff, Xavier Oliveras González, Thomas Swann, Mohamed Jean Veneuse, Jamie Heckert, Leonard Williams

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Postanarchism from a Marxist Perspective 57 Whereas Marxism is supposedly economically reductionist, viewing all power as merely an expression of class domination, postanarchists argue that classical anarchism correctly saw that power must be analysed in its own right: irreducible to the workings of the economy, power relations exist throughout society and need to be analysed in their specificity, without reference to a uniform model of domination. While Marxism (it is claimed) privileges certain political actors — identifying the industrial working class as the sole possible instrument of political transformation, because of its unique place within the only kind of power relations that really matter for Marxism, namely the relation of exploitation between labour and capital — classical anarchism, in contrast, does not limit revolutionary potential to a single class, instead supporting agents dismissed by Marx, such as the peasantry and lumpenproletariat.

More than this, it can be said that they are directed primarily by postanarchists at classical anarchism, and in a sense apply only secondarily to Marxism (which has already been condemned for separate reasons). Anarchist commentators have therefore been far more interested in the application and relevance of this critique of essentialism to anarchism — partly because they have no interest in defending Marxism against charges of essentialism and every interest in defending anarchism, and partly 60 Simon Choat because these charges are directed by the postanarchists themselves principally at anarchism.

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