An Introduction to Mennonite History: A Popular History of by Cornelius J. Dyck

By Cornelius J. Dyck

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of holiday makers are attracted to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to event first-hand the essential pastoral--both as an break out from city existence and as a unprecedented chance to turn into immersed in heritage. the world has attracted viewers desirous to trap a glimpse of the specified spiritual neighborhood of the previous Order Amish, to understand the great thing about the farmland, to benefit from the ample and scrumptious nutrition of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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Serving the Amish is a certain advisor for pros who take care of or have interaction with undeniable humans: medical professionals, nurses, legislations enforcement officials, judges, social employees, psychotherapists, and habit counselors, between others. For those execs, realizing the "what" of Amish existence isn't really adequate. they have to cross deeper, figuring out the "why"―the ideologies that either force and bind this neighborhood in a process of ideals that turns out alien to those that embody the technological and social turbulence of the twenty-first century.

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Oyer, 4; Walter Klaassen, 5; William E. Keeney, 6 and 7. Major changes were made originally, then again in 1981 and now in chapters 9, by Ernst Crous, and 10, by Frank H. Epp, both now deceased. Chapters 11 and 12 are now largely the work of the editor with some indebtedness to J. C. Wenger, particularly in chapter 12. The remaining chapters are largely the work of the editor, except for part of 15, originally drafted by Frank C. Peters, and parts of 18 and 20, originally drafted by Walter Klaassen and William E.

Opposition to Luther's work did not come only from Rome. Among his own friends were those who disagreed with him, as we saw in Erasmus. Another critic was Andreas Karlstadt (d. 1541), Luther's colleague, who has been called the father of Anabaptism. 7 He urged Luther to give more attention in his preaching to the importance of following Jesus in life, since many people took the Reformation emphasis on grace to mean that works were not important. He rejected the swearing of oaths, and instead of the sacramental interpretation of the Lord's Supper, he began to celebrate it as a memorial service of what Christ had done on the cross.

Frederick L. Hosmer, 1908 Page 7 Contents List of Maps and Charts 9 Abbreviations 10 Preface 11 1. The Church before the Reformation 15 2. Anabaptist Origins 33 3. Swiss Anabaptism 50 4. Central German and Moravian Anabaptism 61 5. South German Anabaptism 81 6. Anabaptism in the Netherlands 96 7. Anabaptist-Mennonites in Northern Europe, 15501650 114 8. This They Believed 133 9. Mennonites in Europe, 16481815 151 10. The Mennonites in Russia 168 11. The Mennonites Come to North America 195 12. The Mennonite Church 214 13.

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