Amazon Planet (A book in the United Planets series) by Mack Reynolds

By Mack Reynolds

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Some of it vaguely came back to Guy Thomas from high school mythology. " "Oh now, really, darling. Is it different on other planets? So many of the traditions of antiquity are called upon today, simply for the sake of, why, oh dear, I don't know. It's always been so. Remember how in your own Earth history that the name of Caesar and the title of Imperator was used for a thousand and more years after Julius himself died? " Guy said, "So the present government of, uh, Paphlagonia has a queen they callHippolyte.

Guy Thomas had to bring himself up sharply. Why not? They had this modern space launch, didn't they? Why shouldn't they use hovercars? It was just that their uniforms simulated the armor of antiquity to such a point that he wouldn't have really been surprised had they got about on the surface in chariots. But, of course, that was silly. Shortly, they could make out the landcraft gliding toward them at a breakneck speed. It came to a halt, settled to the ground. There was no driver. He realized he was continuing to be a flat about his anticipations.

One based on the Black Sea, the other in Lybia. The Lybians were also based on history, the actuality of arms-bearing priestesses of the Moon Goddess, Artimis. Their most famous queen was Myrine who fought the Atlantis soldiery near Lake Tritonis in northern Africa, which was, of course, considerably more fertile in those days. She beat them and built up a considerable empire in Africa, Asia Minor and even some of the Aegean Sea islands. All nonsense, of course. "However, there is one interesting bit that has come down to us.

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