Aircraft Manual - Do-217 E-2 E-4 Flugzeughandbuch

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D with two tactical numbers. An older number consisting of a '1' and a '2' are somewhat faded, but thankfully enough of the '176' remains. Tr. Putlos, which in turn was assigned to Panzer-D' 'Clausewitz'. The photo was from an album relating to the 11 Royal Tank Regiment. C or D minus its roof is looked over by curious US airmen . In addition to the tactical number '2', there is a Balkenkreuz and the tactical marking for a Sturmgeschutz Kompanie on the side. Parker 53 for stowage. The airman centre-frame on page 55 has his hand on the starter crank.

As best as possible with available material. Certainly this unit a lot of punch. Note the flat visors, missing outer roadwheels and the bracket for a on the side of the engine compartment. w. w. Scm Pak) (Sd . w. 2S1/9), the normal pattern engine deck and the reinforced roof 1II,Ii, ' w ith four 'tabs' along the front seem to indicate the latter. lll, minus gun and carriage, carries an inexplicable star on its nose armour. Note the sunken ammo storage compartments in the gun platform and missing side driver 's visor.

C.... ""'J ' ? ,' ,. ":-'. JJ. : . , 2 ' . : ~ ~i::::~""'" .... ::::::.. ~. -. tt1" .. \ 1\ 11' ,I her Flammpanzer 38 in Gros-Rederching, this one well known . Pfc. Thomas Tully 11111 Pvt. George Bates of the 114th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division check 111 11 the snow covered vehicle. M . built Jagdpanzer 38 were converted to - --- Flammpanzer in December 1944. This one has spare tracks in a rack welded to the side of the superstructure. 61 _ 1, Flammpanzer 'S14' was captured in Gros-Rederching, France in January 1945.

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