Advanced Reservoir Engineering by Ahmed T. McKinney P.D.

By Ahmed T. McKinney P.D.

The first concentration of this publication is to offer the elemental physics of reservoir engineering utilizing the easiest and most simple of mathematical recommendations. it is just via having a whole realizing of physics of reservoir engineering that the engineer can desire to resolve complicated reservoir difficulties in a realistic demeanour. The e-book is prepared in order that it may be used as a textbook for senior and graduate scholars or as a reference publication for working towards engineers.
Contents: good trying out research Water inflow Unconventional fuel Reservoirs functionality of Oil Reservoirs Predicting Oil Reservoir functionality creation to grease box Economics.

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Ct r 2 k 162. 23 log kh φµct rw2 = 4000− k = permeability, md t = time, hours ct = total compressibility, psi−1 t > 9. 48 × 104 0. 71 can be used anytime during the transient flow period to estimate the bottom-hole pressure. Step 2. 71: − 3. 23 − 3. 23 0. 15 1. 5 12 × 10−6 60 = 0. 70] kt φµct rw2 φµct r 2 k = 0. , r = rw . 70 can be applied at r = rw to yield: 162. 6Qo Bo µo log pwf = pi − kh where: 1/23 k φµct rw2 pe − pwf 141. , it is dimensionless) and, accordingly, the left-hand side must be dimensionless.

0 reD = 4. 127 tD reD = 10. 614 WELL TESTING ANALYSIS the flow of compressible fluids in the reservoir, the following two additional gas equations must be considered: (1) Gas density equation: pM ZRT (2) Gas compressibility equation: ρ= cg = 1 dZ 1 − p Z dp × log where: t= time, hours k= permeability, md ct = total isothermal compressibility, psi−1 φ= porosity Al-Hussainy et al. 87. 94, Al-Hussany et al. (1966) proposed the following exact solution to the diffusivity equation: m (pwf ) = m (pi ) − 57 895.

72, or: t > 9. 48 × 104 t = 9. 15 Qo = 0. 00708kh (pe − pwf ) kh(pe − pwf ) = µo Bo ln re /rw 141. 71 can be expressed as the equation of a straight line by manipulating the equation to give: 162. 6Qo Bo µo log(t) + log kh k φµct rw2 − 3. 23 or: pwf = a + m log(t) The above equation indicates that a plot of pwf vs. 25 The second form of solution to the diffusivity equation is called the dimensionless pressure drop solution and is discussed below. φµct r 2 k 162. 23 log kh φµct rw2 = 4000− k = permeability, md t = time, hours ct = total compressibility, psi−1 t > 9.

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