Advanced drilling solutions : lessons from the FSU. Volume 2 by Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin

By Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin

Offers targeted descriptions and case reviews of the different applied sciences built and favourite in Russia. There are directional drilling, deep and ultra-deep good building, underbalanced drilling, rotary-turbine drills, underreamers, and retractable drill bits.

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The VNIIBT drilling research institute joined with the Soyuzvzryvprom Company in an attempt during the early 1980s to test the method in one of the oilfields in Western Siberia. Even though Glavtyumenneftegas, as a potential client, wished to perform the prepared test program, it was never accomplished because of a disagreement between the local and central offices of Soyuzvzryvprom. The method sank into oblivion after the failure to test it in Western Siberian conditions, even though it had proved quite feasible in other regions.

The gyroscope system was successfully used for sidetracking in 10 wells in the Urengoi gas condensate field. 7 mm. The system allowed measuring the direction from any point in a well, both in cased and open borehole. The system could be used inside the tubing string of producing wells and for accurate measurement in high latitudes where conventional directional survey tools could not provide the required degree of measurement accuracy. Table 4–3 shows operational characteristics of these systems.

They also used several mud additives such as Hex (sodium hexametaphosphate), CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose), and small amounts of oil (5–8%) to decrease high viscosity and dilute thickened mud. The TC-6 two-section turbodrills with a 65⁄8-in. diameter were run in these wells. qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 21 DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTIONAL, CLUSTER, AND HORIZONTAL DRILLING TECHNOLOGY USING DOWNHOLE MOTORS Nos. 531 (1258 m) and 501 (1330 m). The drilling results were as good as those from vertical wells. In May of 1967, drillers spud the first cluster well in the Ust-Balyk field on a cluster with five wells (Nos.

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