Abraham. Model of Faith by James Reapsome

By James Reapsome

This research of Abraham's existence provides readers an in-depth glimpse into the lifetime of Abraham, and indicates them what real religion feels like for modern day Christians.

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10. Considering the sensitive situation he faced, how did Abraham’s servant maintain his fidelity to God and to Abraham (verses 34-54)? 11. Think about all the different people in the story and how many delicate decisions they had to make. In what specific details did God honor Abraham’s faith in this matter? 12. Although our customs for marriage are different than in Abraham’s day, how can our commitment to God’s good and perfect will affect our thinking about this crucial decision? What steps of faith do parents have to take when their children get ready to marry?

However, the writer of Hebrews draws the lesson of faith from this incident. Question 6. Though we don’t know his exact age, Isaac was probably a young man by this time, not a child. Question 8. God’s saving love for humanity is revealed in various compound names for God in Scripture, such as “The Lord Will Provide” (Jehovah-jireh). This name reflected Abraham’s faith (Genesis 22:8), and became a proverb among the Jews (Genesis 22:14), who said that as God provided for Abraham in his great need, so he would provide for them.

6. Why did Sarai blame Abram for her suffering (verse 5)? How did Abram respond (verse 6)? Why? 7. Note how long Abram and Sarai had been waiting on God’s promise (verse 3). Under what circumstances do you find it hard to wait for God? What makes it tough to keep on believing? 8. When family or relationship pressures mount, in what ways is your faith tested? Why is mutual faith needed to avoid family disasters? Read Genesis 16:7-16. 9. When Hagar the Egyptian started for home, God intervened. What did the angel of the Lord tell her (verses 9-12)?

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