Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. IV by L. De LA Vallee Poussin

By L. De LA Vallee Poussin

This is often an important compendium of Indian Buddhist philosophy and psychology. The 4 quantity (app. 1600 pp.) clothbound masterwork starts off with a background of abhidharma literature and covers an enormous array of matters from a Buddhist perspective. a few of these topics are Buddhist cosmology and the method of rebirth, karma and the Buddhist moral concept, psychological defilements, motives of discomfort and the trail to enlightenment, the supernatural powers of a Buddha, a taxonomy of meditative states and a refutation of the life of soul. "... one of many landmark achievements within the heritage of Buddhist reports. hugely advised for all educational libraries..."--Choice a range of selection remarkable Books and Nonprint fabrics (OABN). Contents Translator's Preface The Abhidharma--Leo M. Pruden Abhidharmakosabhasyam--L. Poussin The Dhatus The Indriyas the realm Karma The Latent Defilements the trail and the Saints The Knowledges The Absorptions Refutation of the Pudgala Footnotes Index

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On the one hand this knowledge is incompatible with his contemplation (see above p. " [The Sarvastivadins answer:] Formerly it was not acquired, but now it is acquired. How can it be acquired, since it is not produced? [The Sarvastivadins answer:] It is termed acquired because it is acquired [and not because it should be produced]. "Acquired because it is acquired," is an unprecedented manner of speaking. You do not thus explain how conventional knowledge is cultivated. This point should be understood in the same way as the Former Masters [the Sautrantikas] understood it.

The hetu is a distant or material cause. The word yoga signifies nydya or truth. 2. Arising, as it produces. This is the near cause, that from which a dharma immediately arises or originates. 3. Successive appearance, which constitutes the series: seed, The Knowledges НИ shoot, stalk... 4. —produces a jug (see ii. 64). III. For the Truth of Extinction: 1. Extinction, by reason of the destruction of the [impure] skandhas. 2. Calm, by reason of the extinction of the three fires, craving, anger, and delusion (viii.

106 The knowledge of dharmas can only be realized by a person in Kamadhatu, and not by a person in either Rupadhatu or Arupyadhatu. 15d. Others, in persons of the three spheres. What are the other knowledges? They are the eight knowledges with the exception of the knowledge of the mind of another and the knowledge of dharmas. *** We have explained the spheres in which one acquires the knowledges, and the sphere to which the persons who can acquire the knowledges belong. Let us explain the relationship of the knowledges with the four applications of mindfulness (vi.

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