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Some of the models included in Smith and Reiter's review are not long-term performance models and are not included in the table below. To assess the validity of the 11 results obtained using the new simplified method a detailed model was also written, identical to the simplified model, except that it ran hourly calculations using TMY data. This reference detailed model is not listed in Table 1. Results for several cases were also compared to maximum power results from PV f-Chart and PVFORM. , economic analyses) which are commonly included among the available models.

Colorado Mountain College [14] and Sandia National Laboratories [15] design handbooks) methods exist for estimating the performance of PV systems for a variety of applications. The simplified computer-based method developed here introduces capabilities that do not exist in any of the available methods. Non computer-based methods, although useful for many rule-of-thumb sizing chores, are not considered because the large number of hand calculations and approximations which must be made reduces their usefulness.

With zero series resistance, the equivalent circuit reduces to the form shown in Figure 12. Figure 12. 20) Substituting Eqns. 3 Lumped, 1 Mechanism, 4 Parameter Equivalent Circuit This circuit is obtained from the "parent" dual lumped parameter circuit shown in Figure 8 by making the following assumptions. First, as with the two previous simplified circuits, the shunt resistance is assumed to be infinite. Then, it is assumed that one lumped diode mechanism can be used to represent the overall diode characteristics of the cell.

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