A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah by Michael Laitman

By Michael Laitman

In a time of concern, we want a advisor to assist us calm and stabilize our lives. it is because Kabbalah is being printed to thousands this day. Kabbalah is a device for improving lifestyles, and A consultant to the Hidden knowledge of Kabbalah teaches how we will be able to use this device. In a swish, easygoing variety, you will study the fundamentals of Kabbalah, and obtain a lot wanted feedback for using this age-old technology on your lifestyle.

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It would grant them entrance to the spiritual Israel—Atzilut, a world of eternity and wholeness. Moses created a method in his book, The Torah (Pentateuch), from the word Ohr (Light). It contains instructions on how to use the Light as a means to advance in the spiritual world. All people can uncover the entire picture of creation; they can reach the desired outcome and achieve the final goal if they only read and understand the instructions correctly. Moses’ method from The Torah, adapted to today’s souls, allows anyone to attain Moses’ degree of spirituality.

You and I do not commit to any action unless we believe that it will, in some way, make us feel good or, at least, better. Each of our actions is a result of a calculation that our happiness will increase. In this way, you and I consciously put ourselves through Chapter 3: Reality Check painful situations to gain greater pleasure. 37 Spiritual Sparks The living creatures have no free- J Certain painful situ- dom… to choose pain or reject pleasure. ations make us reevaluate And man’s advantage over animals is that he can aim at a remote goal, to agree to what we believe are the a certain amount of current pain, out of causes of our happiness and choice of future benefit or pleasure, to be attained after some time.

But what’s the uniting force that can tie our perception to the Creator? Perhaps what we need is a “spiritual eardrum,” which would have the same quality as what’s given out by the Creator? Well, such an “eardrum” exists; it is the intention introduced in Chapter 2. Whatever you do with an intention to give is 34 A G uide to the H idden W isdom of K abbalah considered “giving” in spirituality. The problem is to see where your intention is to receive and turn it into an intention to give. More on how this is done in Chapter 12: Studying Kabbalah.

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