A comprehensive text book of applied chemistry by Chander, Jagdish; Kumar, Anil

By Chander, Jagdish; Kumar, Anil

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After completion of the reaction, the converter is fitted and the molten mass is transferred to sand moulds with its cooling, S02 escapes. Slowely the metal thus obtained is called blister copper. 4) Refining of copper - Blister copper (98% pure copper) contains the impurities such as S, As, Fe, ·Ni, Zn, Pb etc. and can be refined by following methodsa) Poling- In this method, blister copper is melted in a severberatory furnace and is exposed to the atmosphere. During the process, the molten mass is stirred with long poles of green wood.

Clinkers block the interspaces of the grate, on which coal is being burnt which coal is being burnt. This causes obstruction to air supply, thereby, the burning of coal becomes irregular. Hence, lower the ash content, better the quality of coal the quality and properties of steel. iv) Determination of Ash - This determination is carried out as in proximate analysis. v) petermination of Oxygen - Oxygen is determined indirectly by deducting the combined %age of C, H, N, 5 and ash from 100. %age of oxygen = 100 - %age of (C+H+N+5+Ash) Importance - Oxygen is present in combined from with hydrogen in coal hence hydrogen available for combustion is lesser than the actual one.

Aluminum is an active metal, but does not corrode as iron does since (a) al is harder to oxidize than Fe (b) Al does not react with 02 (c) A protective layer of Al 20 3 forms on the metal surface (d) Aluminum has a high tensile strength Which of the following is not a property of aluminium? (a) an efficient electrical conductor (b) A low density compared to other metals (c) Isamphoteric (d) Toxic to humans. 78. The role of the n::tineral cryolite Na 3AIF 6 in the Hall process for aluminum production is (a) it is the source of aluminum (b) It is a chemical reducing agent (c) It forms a slag to remove impurities (d) In the molten state, it is solvent for alumina (AI 20 3) 79.

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