4QMMT: Reevaluating the Text, the Function and the Meaning by Hanne von Weissenberg

By Hanne von Weissenberg

This ebook makes a speciality of the 3rd component to some of the most vital records from the Qumran library, the epilogue of 4QMMT. It re-evaluates the textual foundation for this part, and analyses how the epilogue services as part of the bigger record. as well as addressing the constitution and style of 4QMMT, this quantity analyzes using Scripture within the epilogue so that it will remove darkness from the theological schedule of the document's author/redactor. even though this book's fundamental concentration is at the epilogue, the result of this research make clear 4QMMT as a complete.

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Extra info for 4QMMT: Reevaluating the Text, the Function and the Meaning of the Epilogue (Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah)

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30 She further mentions the parallel usage of both the longer and shorter form of the relative pronoun r#)/-#. In 4QMMT, the longer form is used only once, and this occurs when the formulaic command of cultic centralization from Deuteronomy 12 is cited in the halakhic section. 31 These features are, according to Steudel, the strong arguments for a connection between 4Q448 and 4QMMT, however, they are not convincing. ” 247-263. 30 The orthographical inconsistency is probably due to a phonological change, namely the gradual assimilation of the sounds represented by sin and samek, and is attested already in Biblical Hebrew and common in Mishnaic Hebrew; see Kutscher, The Language and Linguistic Background of the Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa) (STDJ 6; Leiden: Brill, 1974) 185; Qimron, The Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1986) 24.

A better understanding of the structure of the document and the purpose of each section as a part of a larger literary context may provide a key for understanding the meaning and significance of the document as a whole, and even the theological intention or hermeneutical agenda of the author/redactor. The question of the genre of 4QMMT will be investigated in Chapter 4. 115 In Chapter 5, the explicit citations and the implicit allusions, alongside the scriptural language and terminology of this section, will be analyzed in detail.

E. the twelfth month), after [the] Sab[bath, Sunday and Monday, a day] 2 [is to be ad]ded. And the year is complete, three hundred and si[xty-four] 3 days. Based on the reading of the first lines of 4Q394 frgs. 3a-4, it is clear that at least one of the copies of 4QMMT contained a calendrical section. However, whether or not a calendar was an original component of 4QMMT will have to be re-addressed when the structure of 4QMMT is analyzed. 2. MATERIAL EVIDENCE FOR THE HALAKHIC SECTION AND THE EPILOGUE The text of 4QMMT is, according to the editors, preserved in six manuscripts numbered 4Q394-4Q399.

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